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Azhar Shahzad

Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams

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This file is in PowerPoint format, contains topics relating Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Transformed Section.


  1. Modulus of Elasticity.
  2. Flexural Behavior of Beams Under Service Load.
  3. Assumption for the Study of Flexural Behavior.
  4. General Procedure for the Derivation of Formula > When Both Steel and Concrete are in Elastic Range, When Cracks are Appeared on tension Side, When Compression Stresses Cross Elastic Range, Equation for Calculating Moment Capacity, Flexural/Bending Stress Formula, Shear Stress Formula.
  5. Different Types of Cracks > Pure Flexural Cracks, Pure Shear/Web Shear Cracks, Flexural Shear Cracks.
  6. Tensile Strength of Concrete > Split cylinder Test, Double Punch Test, Modulus of Rupture Test.
  7. Transformed Section > Modular Ratio, Un-cracked Transformed Section, Un-cracked Transformed Section, Cracked Transformed Section, Resisting Moment Capacity, Minimum Reinforcement of Flexural Members, Minimum Depth of Section, Determination of “k” value.
  8. Reduced Moment of Inertia Due to Cracking.
  9. Long Term Deflection.



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